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Abaya Nairobi N°10 - Nayaa.deAbaya Nairobi N°10 -
Abaya Nairobi N°10 Sale price$67.00
Abendkleid Hyra N°1 - Nayaa.deAbendkleid Hyra N°1 -
Evening dress Hyra N°1 Sale price$92.00
Jilbab Baby Blue - Nayaa.deJilbab Baby Blue -
Jilbab Baby Blue Sale price$46.00
Abaya Seoul Creme - Nayaa.deAbaya Seoul Creme -
Abaya Seoul Creme Sale price$41.00 Regular price$82.00
Abaya Seoul Mint - Nayaa.deAbaya Seoul Mint -
Abaya Seoul Mint Sale price$41.00 Regular price$82.00
Jilbab Oslo Grey -
Jilbab Oslo Grey Sale price$46.00
Sold out
Abaya Mit Seitenrock Schwarz -
Abendkleid Hyra N°2 - Nayaa.deAbendkleid Hyra N°2 -
Evening dress Hyra N°2 Sale price$92.00
Sold out
Jilbab Raspberry - Nayaa.deJilbab Raspberry -
Jilbab Raspberry Sale price$46.00
BestsellerSold out
Abaya Mit Seitenrock Oslo Grey -
Jilbab Silk - Nayaa.deJilbab Silk -
Jilbab Silk Sale price$46.00
Sold out
Basic Abaya Schwarz - Nayaa.deBasic Abaya -
Basic Abaya Black Sale price$49.00
Abaya Omaira N°2 - Nayaa.deAbaya Omaira N°2 -
Abaya Omaira N°2 Sale price$87.00
Abaya Omaira N°1 - Nayaa.deAbaya Omaira N°1 -
Abaya Omaira N°1 Sale price$87.00
Jilbab Ferra - Nayaa.deJilbab Ferra -
Jilbab Ferra Sale price$46.00
Sold out
Abaya Osaka N°1 - Nayaa.deAbaya Osaka N°1 -
Abaya Osaka N°1 Sale price$72.00
Sold out
Jersey Unterkleid -
Jersey Underdress Sale price$26.00
Abaya Nairobi N°8 - Nayaa.deAbaya Nairobi N°8 -
Abaya Nairobi N°8 Sale price$67.00
Abaya Nairobi N°5 - Nayaa.deAbaya Nairobi N°5 -
Abaya Nairobi N°5 Sale price$67.00
Abaya Aniq N°1 - Nayaa.deAbaya Aniq N°1 -
Abaya Aniq N°1 Sale price$72.00
Sold out
Abaya Nairobi N°2 -
Abaya Nairobi N°2 Sale price$67.00
Jilbab Mint - Nayaa.deJilbab Mint -
Jilbab Mint Sale price$46.00
Sold out
Jilbab Military Green - Nayaa.deJilbab Military Green -
Jilbab Military Green Sale price$46.00
Sold out
Basic Abaya - Nayaa.deBasic Abaya -
Basic Abaya Oliv Sale price$31.00
Sold out
Premium Jersey Hijab Dawn - Nayaa.dePremium Jersey Hijab Dawn -
Premium Jersey Hijab Dawn Sale price$21.00
Sold out
Basic Abaya Blush -
Basic Abaya Blush Sale price$41.00
Basic Abaya Jade -
Basic Abaya Jade Sale price$41.00
Dreilagiger Khimar Storm Grey -
Sold out
Geripptes Unterkleid Weiß -
Ripped Knit Dress White Sale price$26.00
Jilbab Cadet Blue - Nayaa.deJilbab Cadet Blue -
Jilbab Cadet Blue Sale price$46.00
Sold out
Basic Abaya Beige -
Basic Abaya Cream Sale price$49.00
Dreilagiger Khimar Schwarz - Nayaa.deDreilagiger Khimar Schwarz -
Three Layer Khimar Black Sale price$36.00
Abaya Nairobi N°7 -
Abaya Nairobi N°7 Sale price$67.00
Sold out
Dreilagiger Khimar Dove -
Three Layer Khimar Dove Sale price$38.00
Jilbab Stone Blue - Nayaa.deJilbab Stone Blue -
Jilbab Stone Grey Sale price$46.00
Jilbab Dunkel Braun -
Jilbab Dark Brown Sale price$46.00
Sold out
Jilbab Denim - Nayaa.deJilbab Denim -
Jilbab Denim Sale price$46.00
Sold out
Dreilagiger Khimar Weiß -
Three Layer Khimar White Sale price$36.00
Sold out
Basic Abaya Olive Grey - Nayaa.deBasic Abaya Olive Grey -
Basic Abaya Olive Grey Sale price$46.00
Premium Jersey Hijab in Grau von - Modesty and Fashion intersect in perfection.Premium Jersey Hijab in Grau angezogen von - Modesty and Fashion intersect in perfection.
Sold out
Abaya Mit Seitenrock Dusty Grey - Nayaa.deAbaya Mit Seitenrock Dusty Grey -
Jilbab Schwarz -
Jilbab Black Sale price$46.00
Sold out
Basic Abaya - Nayaa.deBasic Abaya -
Basic Abaya Stone Grey Sale price$49.00
Sold out
Basic Abaya Almond - Nayaa.deBasic Abaya Almond -
Basic Abaya Almond Sale price$49.00
Sold out
Basic Abaya Blue Grey - Nayaa.deBasic Abaya Blue Grey -
Basic Abaya Blue Grey Sale price$49.00
Burkini Swimwear - Nayaa.deBurkini Swimwear -
Burkini Swimwear Sale price$56.00 Regular price$67.00
Sold out
Einlagiger Khimar Silk - Nayaa.deEinlagiger Khimar Silk -
One Layer Khimar Silk Sale price$31.00
Sold out
Satinkleid Schwarz - Nayaa.deSatinkleid Schwarz -
Satin Dress Black Sale price$56.00
Nawra Kleid N°3 - Nayaa.deNawra Kleid N°3 -
Nawra Dress N°4 Sale price$46.00 Regular price$56.00
Blumenmuster Sommerkleid - Nayaa.deBlumenmuster Sommerkleid -
Dress With Flower Pattern Sale price$31.00

customer feedback

Real reviews from real customers. See for yourself and become a part of the #nyafam :

Anna Sln.

"She's just so beautiful 🥹"

"I got so many compliments!🤍🤍🤍
Your abaya is really the most beautiful thing I've ever worn"

(view review)

Laura D

"I immediately ordered 7 more jilbabs"

"I would like to inform you that I ordered the jilbabs in silk and dark brown last week and they arrived quickly! They are super beautiful, Ma shaa Allah! 🫶🫶 I immediately ordered 7 more for my mother and me! I will continue to work with you in the future shopping. You have sooo nice clothes in your shop!!! Keep it up!! 🫶🫶💕" (View review)

Nada S

"I'm shocked 😳"

"I received my order today I'm shocked MashaAllah finally a shop that really has the quality it claims I've ordered several things and now I can't decide I'd like to keep everything 🥲💕"

(view review)

Asiya M

I love your chiffon headscarves 🤍

"I have to admit not only your abayas are awesome but also your headscarves!! 🥹 I love the chiffon
headscarves from you. I have never had a chiffon headscarf of such good quality!
I love you 🤍"

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Lena S

"My wardrobe only abayas from Nayaa"

"Dear I just received abaya soul in amethyst and you have outdone yourself again. The color is just wow incredibly beautiful!!!!

I only felt abayas from you and really love everything you bring out you are doing a wonderful job thank you

This enriches my wardrobe immensely and I am dressed so much nicer as a Muslim 💕" ( View review)

Mariam F

Abayas 🤍

"I love this abaya have recommended it to others and will definitely order again thanks 🤍"

(view review)

Edina Z

"You surpass all by far"

"Salam aleikum sister, I just wanted to thank you again for the great abaya, I was very happy. 🥰
I've been looking for abayas that I like for a really long time and haven't really found any anywhere, except for one brand where one costs between 200 and 300€. But yours far surpass these, alhamdulillah I found them. I'm looking forward to ordering more when they restock. 💖" (View Review)

Susan B

"Ordered for the third time"

"I love their stuff so much, ordering for the third time today 🥰😍🤍 really Ma Shaa Allah 🥰🤍"

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